October 22, 2019

Burn-out, an occupational syndrome

Half of our waking hours are spent at work and unsurprisingly, our experience in the workplace is one of the most influential factors to our well-being. Despite the fact that the impact of work alone on personal identity, self-esteem and social recognition is hard to express in numbers, it is agreed that the workplace environment […]

Moody teenager or teen depression?

From the moment children start Middle or Secondary School, they encounter a whole new world. Not only are they the youngest ones instead of the seniors in their school community, they gain independence, ‘free’ access to the internet and social media, a changing body, crazy hormones and a rapidly changing brain that is exploding with […]

Entrepreneurial Burn-out is real

What is it and what can you do to prevent it? Entrepreneurs are passionate and driven people, often more so than people that work for an employer. That passion and drive can also make it difficult to maintain a healthy work/life balance. When the passion turns into overdrive and the self is so very much […]